Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines are fairly simple:

1. Please direct all submissions to

2. Please attach poems to your e-mail in .doc files, rather than simply copy-pasting into e-mail. Often the formatting in a poem is very important, and we would hate for your creativity to be lost due to technical error.

3. When you submit a poem, it will be published in the following anthology of poems.

4. In submitting a poem, you agree to give feedback to two other poets who are published in the same anthology.

5. Poems published in the anthology will be accompanied with the name and e-mail address of the poet. This is to allow for communication between the readership. The e-mail address you contact us with will be the e-mail address we publish—we will not give your e-mail addresses out to anyone who is not subscribed to the newsletter, but if you wish to take extra precautions, please contact us using an e-mail address you are comfortable with being published.

6. When giving a poets feedback, please contact them directly. We will not be monitoring this—we will be using the honor system. Please let us continue to use this system, by being responsible and giving your fellow poets the feedback you owe them.

7. Poems are due one approximately one week before the first of the month, each month. Check the updates page for details of the actual month-to-month date.

8. If a poem is submitted past that date, but before the newsletter is sent out, we will attempt to include it, but no guarantees are made. If one of these poems is not included in the current anthology, we will include it in the next month’s, unless we receive alternate instruction from the author.

9. We will not turn down a poem, unless a poem is judged, by all four of our editors, to not only be of poor taste but also a blatant attempt to take advantage of our inclusiveness, in which case the author will be contacted to make sure that we haven’t made a mistake before the poem is rejected. This is difficult to do.

10. The Woven Thread is a workshop newsletter, thus the copies of the poems published are considered ‘workshop copies.’ Thus, the writer retains all writes, and can even treat the work as ‘previously unpublished.’ This makes The Woven Thread an ideal venue to be innovative and creative, and to try out new ideas.


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