Q: I tried to e-mail you, but your e-mail didn’t work.

A: The e-mail address we have listed is the correct one. Check to make sure that you haven’t misspelled any part of the e-mail address (this is the most common cause of e-mail error, and happens to the best of us). If the problem persists, send an e-mail to David.King@houghton.edu, and we’ll try to work out the problem through that venue of communication.

Q: I notice you are using a wordpress blog page for your website. Is this because you are poor and cannot afford a fancier webpage?

A: Yes.

Q: Do the poems I submit to The Woven Thread count as previously published?

A: The Woven Thread counts as a workshop community, and thus the copies published are considered ‘workshop copies.’ The poet retains all rights, and they are considered unpublished.

Q: May I list poems published in The Woven Thread as credits/accomplishments/publications venues/bragging points.

A: Because the works appearing in the ‘Anthology’ section of The Woven Thread are considered workshop copies, they will probably not hold the weight that publication in a proper literary journal will. We recommend you mention works published in The Woven Thread as being workshopped through our service, rather than published.

Q: This newsletter looks really good…

A: Thanks.

Q: …but I have a few things I’d like to suggest and a few more I’d like to complain about.

A: Not a problem. All comments, suggestions, and flaming e-mails of hatred are accepted via e-mail.

Q: Did you know about <blank> book of poetry that just came our, or perhaps famous poet <blank> is giving a reading/book signing somewhere.

A: Odds are that it can’t hurt to let us know. This is the sort of things that we’re interested in spreading around the community, so more people can know about them. So please, let us know.


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