Editorial Staff

David King – Editor in Chief

David King is a junior attending Houghton College. He is working on a double major of Writing coupled with Computer Science. He considers himself a fiction writer, but enjoys turning out poems as well, thus his involvement in the publication.

Cassandra Gunn – Editor

Cassie is, likewise, a junior at Houghton College. She has a double major of English and Writing, and is involved in the publication of the Lanthorn, the local literary magazine. Come summer, Cassie will be doing an internship with Zondervan, a publishing house located in Grand Rapids, MI.

Matthew Chase Whittemore – Editor

Chase is also a junior at Houghton, and also a writing major. He has a computer science minor, and is especially interested in the relationship between writing, media, and community. He is currently working on an online community, Half Pound Poetry.

Cameron Gayford – Editor

Cameron is a sophomore writing major at Houghton, and is currently considering adding an additional Art major onto that. Prior to taking a poetry class at Houghton, he worked primarily in fiction, but is finding his horizons continually broadening. Come fall ’08, he will be working at Houghton’s Writing Lab, a free editorial service for Houghton’s students.


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