Hello everyone, and welcome to the official website of The Woven Thread.

For those unfamiliar with our little publication, The Woven Thread is an poetry-centered e-mail newsletter, sent out to our subscribers at the beginning of each month. The newsletter contains an editorial, some helpful news for our readership, as well as an anthology of poems.

The journal is a young one, the first publication being sent out in March 2008, which means that we have plenty of opportunity to try new and interesting ideas before we are firmly rooted by tradition and habit.

The idea behind the newsletter is twofold: first, it is an effort to connect and inform poets of the community around them. To this end, we are attempting to bring both reflections and editorials on the myriad of topics that poetry presents, as well as giving news of happenings in the poetry world (admittedly, our publications have been slightly lacking in the ‘news’ category thus far, but there have only been two thus far).

The second is to create an environment and community where poets are able to be published, receive feedback, and be innovative without consequence. To this end we have included the anthology segment of the newsletter, a collection of poems written and submitted by our readership. Anyone is allowed to submit, and the poem will be accepted—it matters not if you are an internationally acclaimed poet, or a middle school student just starting on your path of wordcraft, we’ll take your work. The only thing we require of you is that you join the conversation. When you submit a poem, you implicitly agree to give feedback to two other poets who are published in the same anthology you, yourself were published in. By this process, we are not only giving our readership a venue, but a source of feedback as well.

Interested in receiving the journal? Or perhaps you would like to submit a poem right away. In either case, please direct all subscriptions and submissions, questions and comments to TheWovenThread@gmail.com.

Also, please note our submissions guidelines page, as well as our updates page for further information.

Thanks everybody,

David King
Editor in Chief
The Woven Thread


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